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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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stepping down because of illness or disease. catholics wonder if there is an untold reason. >> there is probably a reason. he came everywhere. >> pope benedict never visited the bay area as pontiff. the pontiff has arthritis. and age 85 he may no longer be strong enough to keep up with demands of the office. father michael mccarthy believes he is setting a precedent for future popes. >> i suspect he's conscious of that. he's phone shallly setting a precedent for future popes, people tend to live longer than in the 12th century. so my guess is that he's
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setting a precedent that to resign office is a legitimate, right thing to do. >> the archdiocese made this comment about the decision to resign. >> this is an act of boldness on the part of this pope and also, of great humility. >> pope benedict was criticized for not being a vocal supporter of immigration reform. >> it needs to be talking about it. they don't have the opportunity to work. >> the timing of the retirement should allow his successor to be elected in time for holly week. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> now, cardinal roger mahony plans to vote for next pope. he is banned from many public functions. the current archbishop
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restricted mahoney's duties stemming from the mishandling of sexual abuse cases involving priests under his supervision but does that not disqualify him being eligible to vote nomplt pope. >> numbers of the college of the cardinals, 203 most-senior members will be called to rome. once arrive they're shut into the vatican ask will vote every day. if a two thirds vote is not reached after 30 ballots a majority is enough to elect a new pope. the ballots are burned to and popes to have a new pope by easter, march 31 this, year. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 we'll focus on one facet of the legacy, how he handled revelations during his time at the vatican.
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>> you can find information on our web site abc 7 >> now, new developments in the hunt for the fired los angeles police officer wanted for three killings. the riverside county district attorney filed murder charges against christopher dorner today. he remains on the run from the law. police contacted his family, hoping they might convince him to surrender. td evidence includes a manifesto in which he named potential targets it speaks for itself in evidence of an abandoned mind and heart. and cowardly way owe ambushed your public servants. >> the manhunt continues to center in the big bear area 80 miles east of los angeles that. is where authorities found his burned out truck. he can face the death penalty if captured and convicted in shooting of a lover last week its been a busy time for a specialized team within the fire department.
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>> they are trained for precise urban rescue buzz rarely get the chance to perform them. >> just a tower of 20 men pulling this man to safety after he'd been hovering 30 feet over the river in san jose. he believed he was running from people. but landed six feet dmoun a tree. >> he first called 911 around 4:00 in the morning and pd came out and couldn't find him it wasn't until the light of day, three and a half hours later the man called 911 again. crews returned to discover him yelling and losing his grasp realizing they needed to call back up in, came urban search and rescue, company. >> this turned into a complex call. they attached a harness and
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lifted him up. >> this crew is a skilled company. they're trained for the high angle rescues but it's rare they get calls to use that expertise. in last two days they've had two of the types of rescues. yesterday, this corvette crashed down an enbankment and took 25 emergency personnel two hours using popes and pullies to rescue the driver. >> on a large scale these are infrequent but our crews that we call out are trained in this this, is what they do. why we have them in the city. >> the man was taken to the hospital for treatment for minor injuries. and mild hypothermia. now it will be up to the police department to question him and figure out how he ended up in that position. reporting in san jose, abc 7 news. >> the ship built pilt cause blamed for caution the worst
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oil spill is now suing the coast guard to try to get his license back claiming his civil rights were violated when he wasn't allowed to renew his license. the state board of pilot commissioners found cota at fault for crashing the snipe a tower of the bay bridge in 2007. 53,000 gallons of thick bunker fuel spilled into the bay as a result. >> relief is on the way for the congested highway 4. >> that project will widen the highway in two places. and. >> here is. >> we've got a look at transportation improvement budgets today. including this. it's located at bailey road just beyond current last stop, here, passengers will transfer
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between regular cars and smaller trains. that won't be finished until 2017. word on expanding and improving is going on at the same time in antioch. it's the last leg of improvements in densely populated and still growing east contra costa county. the projects total $1.3 billion, funding coming from sources including contra costa county sales tax measure c skb j. this expansion should be done two years before e bart is finished. >> clean up started following weekend storms in. >> mississippi a tornado tore through a city in the southern part of the state. you can see the funnel cloud it whipped through last night. the tornado sent 60 people to
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the hospital. mississippi governor crediting an early warning system. people received word a tornado mighting on the way. >> and more from hattiesberg showing extent of the damage. you can see the tornado danged buildings on the campus of southern mississippi. the school son break right now from mardi gras. >> in northeast, millions decided to return back to work after the megasnow storm. they had to deal with snow and ice still covering many roads. blizzard just overwhelmed equipment in many communities and temperatures kept snow and ice from melting having lived through those storms there is not a lot you can do. >> it's thoord imagine. >> yes there.
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is snow everywhere. >> yes. different story for us here. >> yes. warm, sunny skies. >> that is true. i've lived in those conditions and i love living here. there temperatures into low 60s, 62 degrees in oakland right now. 59 in san francisco. just at, or above 60 much of the day. 61 degrees in san jose. clear skies and chilly el conditions during overnight hours will be cold in spots especially interior valleys. lows dropping down to around freezing in locations in the east bay and north bay. by afternoon tomorrow, will be sunny and mild. i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast just a little later. >> thank you. >> and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 have you checked your credit record? costly mist yaikz you need to
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know about. >> new look for golden state warriors. new jersey some are calling revolutionary. >> then, retired navy s.e.a.l. reportedly fired a shot that killed osama bin laden. he speaks for the first time, what he says about coming face-to-face with the world's most-wanted trift. why he's decided to speak about you it now. >> plus, michael finney taking your questions owe and will answer them here live. you can contact michael at finney abc 7. >> and getting a check of traffic you're looking at san francisco skyway. trying to make your way east it's slow going. but quite the opposite for drivers heading south towards 101 and beyond. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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a new government sturdy reveals one in five of us have a maift yaik on the credit report and found 20% had an error issued by three major agencies. 5% errors could lead to them paying more for mortgages, or other products. ftc says it emphasizes importance of regularly checking the reports. >> speculation is heating up that apple is working on a smart watch. "new york times" and wall street jurnt are reporting apple is expeer meanting with a device maid with curved glass.
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smart watches exist, the pebble smart watch connects to your and droid ask serves as a hub to glance at e mails and text message autos another way to look at e mails. >> yes. yeah. >> other businesses are firing back against negative press and teen franchises boosting the bottom line. hi, emily. >> good afternoon. i spoke with tesla's ceo today, blasting "new york times" after the newspaper publish aid review of the model s leading to a drop in the company stock today on wall street. the writer says the model s failed to travel as far as it's supposed ton a charge possibly due to cold weather. the ceo is tweeting "new york times" article about tesla range is fake. vehicle laws will tell true
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story ta he didn't charge to max and took a long detour. also shaping up to be a busy day for tim cook. he's going to speak at the technology conference, then head to washington for the state of the union address. he will be sitting with first lady michelle obama. cyber security is not expected to be a major theme in the state of the union but the president may issue a executive order creating a program that calls for certain companies to adopt a minimum set of cyber security standards. lion's gate entertainment posted profits of about $38 million up from a loss during same period last year. much was due to last twilight movie raking in more than $828 million at the box office.
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lion's gate saw strong home video sales of "the hunger games". stocks slipping slightly on concerns over europe's economic volatility. your bloomberg silicon valley index higher with shares leading those gains. well, home depot is the latest organization to dump the black berry for iphone. the world's fifth largest retailer says it's going to replace 10,000 black berries with apple smart phones. two government agencies, ice and ntsb said they're switching from black berry to iphone as well. in san francisco, i'm emily chang, larry, carrow rin lynn, back to you. >> golden state warriors making a mid season move. it's not a trade but a fashion statement. check out the video. if you look, tl they're wearing new uniforms. these are billed lightest ever,
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26% lighter if weighing at home. they're going use uniform was short sleeves. >> after a couple minutes it felt grai. you know? it's real light and feels great. >> you can see stripes. it's a tribute to cables on the new bay bridge. and will use them two more games this season. when a team does this x i'm sure they'll be soon available to purchase. you have to have new uniform. >> it seems like a big change for them. >> yes. >> let's hope for more victories you said fashion statement? >> yes. >> i don't think they've complete that had statement
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with yet you don't like them, spencer? >> well, i don't know. i'm, if they like them, they'll be fine. we have a line of broken low clouds. clear, blue skies abust bay area just having an extraordinarily beautiful day. you can see cloud free sky again, temperatures along coastline nice and mild right now. 59 degrees here in san francisco. clear and cold in spots in many spots. sunny mild days will follow with temperatures at or above 70 degrees by friday and some inland locations and around the bay. huge ridge of high pressure will give us a week of
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wonderful weather. notice clouds coming near the coast but not hit the coast so sunny and mild, just the pattern we can expect tomorrow through friday and into weekend. north bay valleys 31 in napa. 35 in concord, we'll see mid-30s around the bay shore line warming up nicely tomorrow. sunny skies, highs into low 60s, 62 in san jose. 62 in palo alto. 62 half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 60 tomorrow. nornl bay mid-60s in cal stoga. east bay highs of 62 in oakland. castro valley 61.
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inland east bay low 60s as well. and near monterey bay, low 60s also, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. just keeps getting mild yes, highs into mid to upper 60 on thursday, which is ld valentine's day. friday, upper 60s inland and mid-60s on coast. we'll just have gradual cooling after that. getting into next week it's going to be a lovely week ahead. >> thank you. >> coming up next if you have ever wanted to be part of space history here is the chance. >> the pluto contest then, new at 4:30. >> since first appearing here, sutro sam is quite the local attraction. admirers have become a threat
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now is your chance to leave your mark on the heavens. astronomers are asking for help naming two new moons discovered on pluto. pluto has three other known moonz named for greek characters. short list follows the same pattern you can see here.
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if you tlik to have a vote we have a link on our web si. very clearly too much time on my hands. >> vote. just officially. >> i did. >> charlie ray jepsen's first trip to the grammy was a sweet one even though she didn't win. >> it's been 10 jeers since chicago took home academy award for best picture. the cast will reunite for the anniversary. they join a list including meryl streep and the cast of the "avengers". choose your favorites to win, compare with your friends on facebook. dancing with the stars doesn't come back until march. the 12 new cancers will be revealed february 26th on good
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morning america. don't forget to catch the new season here on abc. best new artist nominee carly ray je. psen may not have won but had a back up plan. >> i have my family here, and we're going to go for a milk shake somewhere, afterwards. >> you can check out a list of winners now on >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 one oakland neighborhood just fed up with crime. >> and they're taking matters into their own hands. >> plus, for the first time since the sex abuse scandal, the widow of coach joe paterno defends her husband and talked about what happened. >> and an army veteran receives
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residents of one neighborhood are fed up with property crime. >> now they're complaining about the lack of police response in the laurel district. >> laura?
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>> hi, carolyn. residents say they've had burglaries and break ins in recent week was police busy with violent crime in other parts of the city, residents say they're adding their own layer of protection. >> this shows where we are patrolling now. >> frustrated with a lack of response from police, neighbors pitched in 30s aids month to pay for regular patrols by a private security company. one of those who organized says she had intruders in the middle of the day and called both oakland police and the neighbor. the neighbor came, but police never arrived. >> it's unfortunate. none of us like it. but it's helping ux us feel empowered right now, everyone loves oakland, nobody wants to least neighborhood wex love it here. and it's upsetting but just something we have to do.
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>> any time the community can come together and partner and collaborate on these solutions we welcome it. >> the private companies won't change down bad guys but will provide a host of services police cannot. >> if someone is getting home plate lait they can call us and we can meet them at their homes. >> police say responding to calls in the city is a big drain last year there are 20,000 calls responding to about 60% of those and most of those were false alarms. tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 some other ways residents are protecting their hope homes and property. >> former congress woman gabrielle giffords is featured
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in a new ad on gun control. a political action committee paid for the spot. she testified on capitol hill urging congress to take action on stricter gun laws. she vifred a shot to the head two years ago. the ad calls for universal background checks on anyone who wants to buy a gun. >> a while the house official says the parents of a murdered chicago teenager will sit with michelle obama during the state of the union adrechls she was shot and killed days after performing during the inauguration parade. police have not made arrests in that case. you can watch the state of the union address live right here on abc 7 news tomorrow beginning at 6:00 p.m. senator marco rubio of florida will deliver the republican response. >> a lawyer penn state handled to hire claims from alleged sex abous victims says most
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claims are now on the table and the next step for the university is to respond. sue paterno is defending joe paterno in an exclusive interview. >> a year after passing away, joe paterno's family is fighting to clear his name. >> if he knew in twun what was learned in 2011 yes he would do more, anyone would. we didn't have that benefit. >> paterno was fired during a phone call after 45 years as penn state head football coach. the university says he covered up allegations of sex abuse against his long time assistant and former player jerry sandusky. the wife of of the coax recalled her recharge. -- reaction. >> horror. disbelief. and it's still hard to accept.
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>> penn state tapped a former fbi direct twror investigate who knew what, when, about sandusky's dealings. his report says pitero covered up the allegations but the family came up swinging. >> not was overlooked. much was misrepresented in the report. >> so pattern yoz launched an investigation concluding there was no evidence the coach hid allegations against sandusky or ordered a cover up. >> we didn't that mind set he was doing anything more than teaching them, working oet out with them and getting a shower. he worked out with them in the weight room. they that had nothing to do with suspecting he's a pedophile. >> louie freed stands by his allegation that powerful people failed to protect children. >> a former army staff
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sargeant became the fourth live lg recipient to be awarded med yafl honor. >> the president bestowed the honor today. he's from a tiny city of modock county he received a medal of tourist for an attack. >> he and his team started charging and enemy fire poured down. they kept charging. 50 meters, 80 meters. 100 meter run through bullets. they reached their fallen friends and they brought them home. >> he was hit with shrapnel and the battle lasted 12 hours, he now lives and works in north dakota with his wife, and three children. >> one of his kids stole the show. look at little collin there, taking over the stage entertaining dignitaries on
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hand. he was racing around the oval office. president obama recalled the story saying collin had sampled several apples in the oval office until he found one that was just right. >> i take it that means he bit into several apple autos and put them back. right. >> he's adorable. >> so cute, right? >> up next a japanese chef builds a menu from the ground up. we'll dish the dirt for you next. >> then, a close call after an suv hit it. unusual circumstances behind this video. >> today's q and a is just ahead. right now you can contact me on and on twitter at m finney i'll answer your questions here, live a little later. >> i'm spencer christian. lovely view of the western sky. late afternoon sunset reflecting off bay waters.
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how long will the weather continue is in the answer coming up. >> and taking a look at traffic moving nicely. you can see that beautiful weather spencer talked about. stay with us. the news
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a great horned owl got stuck inside of a front grill
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of an suv after being run over thursday night by a woman driving down a florida turnpike. the driver never knew the bird was in there. she knew she'd hit the owl but assumed it bounced into the bushes. she got a huge surprise next day. >> the family pulled in front of my parking space and flagged me down and said don't move. you have something in the grill of your truck. i said what is it? they said an owl. >> yes. the woman called florida fish and wildlife. an officer freed the bird from the grill. williams felt so guilty. you can see she shed tears. he seems to be doing fine. >> the owl is fine and very cute. >> this is just hard to believe. people find restaurants looking for a place serving great food and very good price buzz a chef in tokyo is serving dirt real mud, dirt.
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at expensive price autos yes. offering a menu rich in dirt. the soil is heated to extremes then added to every course. you can get dirt soup fr a starter. >> yes, floubd flound yes, risotto and dirt makeup the main course, for dessert, a scoop of dirt ice cream. price tag for this extravaganza, $110 per person. not dirt. >> not dirt cheap. >> no. who would do that? who wants to eat that? >> i don't nochl i wonder if there is a category for organic dirt? >> it's going to cost more. >> oh, boy. >> or wine to go with it? chateau le filth. you can see we have cloud-free skies there are low clouds along the coastline. broken clouds. sunny skies above.
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here is a look at map for tomorrow. forecast map for national weather conditions will, as you know, big blizzards ended but snow is felt melting there and it is a mess. there is some light sne, temperatures into 40s and sort of chilly into upper mid west. showers and thundershowers into much of the northeast. western states mainly dry. across california looking for sunny skies, dry conditions and mild weather as well. look for highs into 60s in chico, sacramento and fresno. down south, mid to upper 60s in los angeles, here in the bay area, another sunny, mild day. highs around 60 in san francisco. 62 across the bay. mid-60s in north bay valleys. pleasant weather coming our way.
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going to get milder. by the end of the week, 70 degrees in places around the bay area. so if we have an extended dry spell, temperatures goring to drop. >> coming up next getting around two of the busiest stations could be easier. >> also, former u.s. navy seal reportedly killed the worl's most-wanted terrorist sharing his story about the raid on bin laden's compound. yes says military abandoned him. >> i'm michael finney. what do you do when buying a voucher for a daily deal and not everything is in the small print. is that false
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former naif eye seal says he capitol hill kiled osama bin laden is talking about taking down the world's most wanted man and now, he says he feels the u.s. military abandoned him. he is identified only as the shooter. the man left the military last
4:46 pm
year says he's unemployed and worried about providing for his family. also describing may, 2011 mission that led to bin laden's death. >> the shooter rolled into the bedroom on the righthand side and right there faced osama bin laden less than a foot from his gun. and shot him there. three times in the forhead. >> the shooter now suffers from both mental and physical issues and says his disability claim is in limbo. the u.s. navy responded by saying they take seriously responsibilities to sailors making transitions to civilian life but would not comment in this case. >> bart is planning some big changes for two busiest stations in san francisco financial district. a proposed make overis just in planning stages now it will put in wider platforms to allow riders to board trains. >> nornl idea is putting an
4:47 pm
exat the end of the platform. it also is a great safety item. it's going to keep people off the tracks in third rails. >> bart says 40% of the passengers get on or off at the embarcadero stations. >> time for consumer news. michael finney is here answering questions sent to him through facebook and twitter and e mail. first from jennifer b. i bought a voucher and ate arrived and it wasn't in the fine print. isn't that false advertising. >> there is a lot going on in this question. taxes do not have to be declared. state of california says when you buy a daily deal you have
4:48 pm
bought the right to buy something. so you're taxed in the secondary purchase, when you get something. so they don't have to tell you about it. they do have to tell you about that. they that should have been in the fine print f they didn't tell you, you can return it back to the company. good news is that all of the companies have an amazing return policy. so if you've been on them, you say i feel misled they'll give you back money. >> james m wants know do you know if crv on befr yajz are taxable? >> yes. this is a weird tax law. in the same thing. it's ef one thinks of it as a deposit that is not what it is. it's a fee state charges for alug the company to sell that liquid in those containers because it's a fee, it's taxable. >> barbara g asks i'm getting
4:49 pm
phone calls from a company called bill me later saying i bought something and now, i need to pay for it i never signed up for this. >> this doesn't sound g it's a service of pay pal. seems to me or sounds to me that your identity was probably stolen. i want to you call bill me later now and say why do you think i owe you this money to make sure they're contacting you when they should be. get a free credit report see if anything is weird there. if you need help call my hot line here at the station. >> up next, sutro sam apparently too popular. how attention for the river otter is becoming a problem. >> a story only at 5:00 new
4:50 pm
insight into the kevin collins missing child case. a woman says she was good friends with the main person of interest. you'll hear about his infat twaigs with boys. and a look at what women want for valentine's day including sse and get a colde high be
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get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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since first being spolted in the fall the river otter known as sutro sam has been drawing adds mirer autos he's very cute. there have been so many advise are tores park officials had to put up barricades just to protect sam. >> sutro sam is down there and for the past couple days we've come out to watch people, watching him. he's cute. it's understandable people want to watch him, sung himself for swimming through
4:54 pm
ponds. many came so the park service had to put up barricades and signs asking visitors to give sam space. christina is director of animal care at aquarium of the bay. >> we've seen people bringing dogs down heerk people trying to flush sam out of the pool to get a photograph. people throwing things into the pool. people attending to feed him. >> none that have is good for otters since signs have gone up, the interappropriate behavior is reduced. but still, in the past two days we've seen people walking right past the off limb yitz signs and in spite of the signs saying don't bring your dog there are people walking dogs off leash by the pool autos people, they love sam might hurt him by feeding something inappropriate or their formerly friendly dog
4:55 pm
fight byting him and then, sam, being too acustody y ym -- accustomed to being around people, consider you may be conditioning him to be less afraid of humans and for a wild animal that is almost never a good thing. >> a gentleman yesterday were walking akrolts front. you know? waves were crashing and they had a large lab dor with them. they have the sign there. prohibiting dogs. and people were mindless. >> you're looking at a live picture of of a fellow climbing past one barricade now looks to be contemplating the second. it's rare a river otter is here south of the golden gate. they suspect su. tro sam probably came from marin but if have you to see one up close, this summer, aquarium of the bay is going to have a river otter exhibit. three you can get as close as you like. out here at the sutro baths
4:56 pm
give sam room. it's not good for him to be around people. we'll have more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> just a fwlorus day out there. too bad they don't respect barrier autos sam needs security staff, he's become too popular. >> yes. abc news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. revealing information in the kevin collins missing child case. a good friend of the primary suspect tells abc 7 news about the man's infat twaigs with boys. >> stunning news about the pope, we'll look at how he's be viewed for handeling of the sex abuse scandal that's rocked the church. >> i'm sandhya patel. live from roof of the kgotv center there is nothing but blue behind me. get ready for a taste of spring coming up.
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the intersection of solano way and grant street remaining closed right now as police investigate why a 14-year-old boy was hit. he twont a hospital with serious injuries about 1:30 this afternoon. the boy was crossing the street. police say a woman driving a to it yota scion hit him. officers say she's cooperating with them. investigators can take a closer look at it. good evening, i'm cheryl jengs. >> our other developing story cal train commuters face long delays now. it's up to 50 minutes. sky 7 hd shows you trailer jammed in between train ask the cement barrier.
4:58 pm
a witness says she heard the crash from her home, then rushed outside to see what happened. >> you can hear just a big screeching sound. it's the front only the front part of the train was hurt. you can see the driver looking and making sure no one was hurt. >> police say no one was, in fact hurt. it's not clear when both tracks will be open. >> more than a billion catholics are left wondering who will be their next church leader. he will be the first pope to step down in 600 years. he says he isn't strong enough anymore to lead the church. leaders say they respect his zigs he's a cure ragis man,
4:59 pm
you know? not captive to a lot of other things he's first concern is what is best for the church. >> catholics in san francisco say they were surprised. >> he's a old man. we look frd to having a young pope again. >> his successor will be chosen next month by the most senior members. >> a part of benedict's tenure involves painful issue confronting the catholic church. he was the first pontiff to meet with victims of sex abuse by some priests. still, the legacy is marred by this scandal. >> he repeatedly apoll jidz for decades of inaction by the church.


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